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Development Partner

Technology providers and developers 

Accelerating development 

IslandPower accelerates renewable energy roll-outs by maintaining long term relationships with communities. 

  • Conventional development is transactional  

  • Developer interests conflict with other stakeholders so development is slow, complex and costly

  • Development partners share in development uplift with community and capital partners 

  • Outcome: Development as a Service

Developers and Community Partners

Development as a Service 

Services that IslandPower provides

  • Map energy demand and local natural resources

  • Identify and agree least carbon fuel cost technologies appropriate for location

  • Identify and select local skills development and capital partners 

  • Train local manager  /  "Mint" partners and establish "ECO Exchequer" ledger

Developers and Capital Partners

Development as Investment

  • Identify least carbon fuel cost  energy production and cost reduction 

  • Identify, select and procure technology partners, 

  • material resources and labour 

  • Establish target budget, completion date and rate of return

  • Establish and underwrite ECO funding necessary for long term funding  and procure Edge Fund capital partners for development finance.  


IslandPower identifies and works with technology providers to identify the best fossil fuel efficient solution for each location. Central to our decision making process is the Energy Cost of Carbon, resilience and sustainability. 

Types of technology that we engage with for microgrid solutions are:

  • Microgas CHP

  • Ground source heat pumps

  • Air source heat/cool pumps

  • Thermal solar

  • Solar PV

  • Wind turbine

  • Hydropower generation

  • Biomass generation 

  • Battery Storage solutions

  • Thermal Storage solutions 

  • Distribution systems

  • Fuel cells

If you are a manufacturer of renewable technological solutions, that you believe will drastically reduce Carbon consumption we would like to hear from you.  

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